Created by Barbara Grubbs, NP & Spoonie Warrior


The Spoon Story, which you can find here, inspired me to create something I like to call a Spoon Meter. If you look at the meter (shown at the bottom of this page) you’ll see that it’s relatively self explanatory as to how it works. The tool is completely subjective, so it’s up to the Spoonie to assign a value from 1-5 spoons but the message relayed for each spoon value is clearly defined for universal comprehension.


To sum it up. If they choose 1 spoon then they are saying that they feel REALLY BAD. 2 spoons would say that they feel badly, but not the worst they’ve ever been. 3 is “in the middle”, not leaning toward good or bad. 4 spoons would signify feeling decent. More on the good side than bad,  and 5 spoons signify feeling good FOR someone with invisible illness.


“For someone with invisible illness” is added to that because “feeling good” for a normal person is entirely different from “feeling good” for someone living life as a Spoonie.


This tool can be used in many ways. The nature of invisible illnesses tend to be very variable so it can not only be used to rate an overall day but it can be used multiple times throughout the day as conditions or feelings change. Therefore you could theoretically have a two spoon rating at a certain point in the day denoting that you feel badly at that time, but as the day goes on maybe that changes to a 4 spoon rating that would tell others that things aren’t their best but they are much better. Then you might possibly give that day an overall spoon meter rating of 3 spoons to say that the day was not necessarily good or bad but maybe just “in the middle”.

You can find a FREE printable version of the Spoon Meter here. Hang it around your home so that your family & friends can use it for reference. I’ve done this and it’s very helpful and appreciated by all! I encourage you to share this tool with other Spoonies so that we can spread this useful tool and make it as universally known as the Spoon Story.

I wish you all many 5 spoon days!

Barbara Grubbs, Nurse Practitioner and creator of SeekingSpoons

About me:


I formally got sick enough to START being diagnosed with autoimmune conditions in 2008, but I’ve always struggled with periods of intense fatigue & body disruptions. I’ve had to work through denial, education, acceptance, & coping. It’s not an easy life to live. From my experiences I’ve become passionate about spreading awareness, support & hope for anyone trying to cope with any of these conditions. I started the Seeking Spoons community to help in these efforts. www.SeekingSpoons.com

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